Music; A Universal Language

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

Hello and welcome to my shiny new blog! Allow me to introduce myself... my name is Emma Aspinall and I am the founder of Nightingale Sings, a Music & Well-being service that aims to reach out to everyone who needs a bit of music and singing therapy in their lives. I have been a Singing Teacher for the past four years and a Singing Facilitator & Practitioner for the past year, and absolutely love to witness how singing and music can create a positive impact on people's lives. As someone who has suffered from anxiety, I know how important singing can be for our mental health and this has become even more evident since I started working in care homes and community centres across the country. Nothing brings people together more than music, nothing uplifts us more, than music.

Btw if you don't like music, then you are in the wrong place...but you may need to question everything about yourself and where the world would be without it!

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Music is a universal language, why?

Have you ever heard buskers playing music on the streets in a foreign country, and stopped to listen? Did you go over to them to say hello and to compliment them only to realise that they speak a completely different language? Did it matter? They achieved what they set out to do, to communicate their message, through music.

Have you gone into a dementia unit where they have people with severe Alzheimer’s and played them some music? Perhaps they couldn’t remember the name of their son or daughter, but they knew the words to the song. Perhaps that song triggered a memory and for a moment they found a little piece of themselves again.

We all have that one song that puts a big fat smile on our face, or that makes us get up and dance, or even have a little weep! Music allows us to feel emotions that we didn't know we felt, and for that reason it is a universal language that we ALL understand.

Ultimately music is a powerful tool that can be created by anyone. It literally has no rules, the possibilities are endless…and isn’t that a magical thing? Music brings the community together through bands, festivals, choirs, concerts, shows, amateur dramatics, dance, the list goes on and on! We can all speak the language of music because we all have a message or something we need to communicate that sometimes words can't achieve.

Where words fail, music speaks!

Let us not forget the incredibly brave decision made by Ariana Grande after many of her fans were killed and injured in a terror attack at her concert in Manchester last year. She chose to fight back, and how did she do it? She organised the One Love Concert. I don't think there was one person in the country who didn't tune in to watch this concert. It allowed us as a country to feel connected, united, and empowered, instead of demoralised and defeated. And it was all through that little thing we call, Music.


What is it about singing that makes us feel so good?! And why do we get sudden urges to burst into song?!

Please help me by submitting your videos using the opening line ‘I love singing because…’ and try to keep your answer within 10 seconds. I’ll be putting everyone’s video together and sharing it along with my next blog! So either tag me in your video (follow me on insta/fb! twitter is coming soon) or send it to Oh and please use the hashtag #singingeverydamnday

Come on, even you novices out there- we all know you love a little sing song in the shower!

Thanks for reading!

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