Vocal Diversity in Musical Theatre

Sorry guys, going off on a little midnight singing rant here! Not only do I relate to this article (see link below) personally on so many levels, but also when I used to work in theatre and saw a different show every week, I began seeing trends in singers which meant that they all started sounding the same to me. I called them 'performing robots', because I very rarely heard any vocal diversity. Sopranos seemed to be pushed aside or turned into mezzos or belting machines, and it made me sad. It is such a shame that musical theatre don't embrace classical voices anymore because it isn't 'on trend'. I remember seeing Danielle Hope as Maria in Sound of Music and thinking... why the hell are you belting Do Re Mi, what is wrong with you?! Do you have zero respect for the style and heritage of this musical?! And why didn't casting chose a true SOPRANO who could withstand the vocal demands for this role. I'm pretty sure they even lowered the key. This has helped me enormously in my own teaching because I refuse for my students to believe that they have to sound a certain way to be successful, because then they are limiting themselves from exploring the full capacity of their voices. And how will anyone stand out if everyone sounds the same? We need more vocal diversity in theatre!!!

Sorry for the rant. That is all. Makes me sad, like Rebecca 🥺


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